Daniel Stephen Lawrence Danso-Evaluation Officer, Ohakk 2 Consults

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    Daniel Stephen Lawrence Danso holds MBA, he is currently the Evaluation Officer of Programs for the Food production for Ohakk 2 Consults, where he manages Commercial farmers’ projects and government sponsored flagship’s portfolio of projects and programs. He brings with him nearly a decade years’ experience in project management, community based development and humanitarian work.

    Before joining Ohakk 2 Consults, Mr. Danso was the Senior Officer for food security and livelihoods with VIM Circles, a large, commodity purchasing company. While at VIM Circle, Mr. Danso led a team responsible for the acquisition and implementation of more than 5 programs and projects in Ghana. The annual $5 million portfolio of projects comprised a diverse range of technical areas that included food security, agriculture, humanitarian assistance, climate change and adaptation, and economic develop..

    Title:Maize Supply in Ghana: Component Study

    This presentation examines factors related to the supply of hybrid maize seed in Ghana and lays the groundwork for research on the demand side. One of the major challenges in promoting the public hybrids has been an inefficient source seed system, and this has affected the prospects of the relatively few emerging domestic seed companies that are attempting to produce and market local hybrids. There are also serious deficiencies in marketing local hybrids.Shows Government commitment and strategies to increase yields and improved intra and inter trade between regional countries.The paper concludes with a consideration of priorities for seed system development and a preliminary assessment of the immediate prospects for hybrid maize seed supply in Ghana.